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Friday, February 23, 2007

My New Zealand Immigration Story

I am a Singaporean, who has just obtained indefinite residence in New Zealand together with my husband. For us, this has been a dream come true. Our dream of living and enjoying our life in New Zealand had begun with our first holiday to this country. We were amazed by the magnificent beauty of New Zealand and the quality lifestyle we could have.

It is interesting to know that Singapore, a population size of 4 million people, can fit into Lake Taupo of New Zealand, yet the 4 million people in New Zealand occupy a land mass the size of United Kingdom!

So we wondered ….. if we could live in beautiful New Zealand, enjoy the clean fresh air and spectacular landscapes. This thought started us thinking and exploring how to make our dream come true. Little did we realize, the New Zealand immigration process was easier than we expected.

We are glad to share with you our journey and what this beautiful country has offered us. We have benefited and we hope our knowledge and experiences can help you too. I hope my sharing on this blog will help you find your dream and help you see possibilities and opportunities in New Zealand.

We are currently back in Singapore as a family member is ill. What New Zealand residency has offered us is the opportunity to travel freely between the two countries, contribute to the growth of both economies and enjoy the best of both worlds. I hope you too will make New Zealand your 2nd home.
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